Day 28. Franschhoek to Cape of Good Hope; 112 kms

We made it!!! 9,000 kms from Cape town to Cape Town. Tilly drove like a dream after her new legs were put in place. Every shock absorber used and we were glad that she didn’t need another one because we would have been in trouble. We came 3rd overall and we were very pleased. 

Cape of Good Hope

The last time trial was yesterday morning before we reached a place called Franschboek, in the beautiful wine growing area of the Western Cape where the French Huguenots  began growing grapes in 1688.

100 year old Motor Museum owned by billionaire Rupert
Tilly brings down the quality of the cars inside somewhat!

It brings to an end a great trip in a fascinating country. It has completely changed my ideas about Africa which has many layers, many cultures, people, history and diversity. We will never again travel through Africa in a Mustang and in a convoy of vintage and classic cars that fascinated and interested the people almost everywhere we travelled. A lot of the Africans we met were boisterous, bold, out there, full of life and they loved the cars. 

It is going to be very, very boring being Mr and Mrs Schmidt in the Toyota Prius driving to the shops in Mosman. 

Thanks for reading the blog and it’s over and out till next time!!

17 thoughts on “CAPE OF GOOD HOPE

  1. Congratulations well done .
    I noticed in one of the last pics the car looks like it has never seen a dirt road ???
    Pity about the suspension. Did it work ok when it was working?
    Looking forward to having a chat when you get back.


    1. There’s a very suspicious rattle in the back left that we both ignored. Gunther has all sorts of ideas for a new system. I’m sure he can’t wait to talk to you about it!!!


  2. Congratulations and well done. What a great story, you will have to make a book.
    Looking forward to seeing you both
    Love Di πŸΎπŸŽ‰πŸ˜˜


  3. Congratulations!!! what a navigator – what a driver! I am proud of you! Thanks for letting me (us) take part through your blog
    Wish you a save trip home now – see you next year.


  4. Jill thanks for sharing your amazing adventure with us. I have loved reading your blogs and learning so much about a country I have never visited. I hope to see you pottering around in the lunchbox soon!!! xxx


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