Dubbo Zoo x 100

Day 7 Drive through Etosha Pan

I’m sitting here and two little warthogs have bustled past with their shiny little bums in the sun. Very busy and they obviously have a plan! They must have German heritage. It’s everywhere else in this part of the world, having been granted self rule from the German Colonialists in 1915. There are German names throughout this part of Namibia. Wuppertal, Luderitz, Von Bach Dam and Düstrnbrook just to name a few. I am also amazed at how the local people speak at least two if not three languages. Most people I have spoken to  (and I have had a lot of time to chat) speak English, Africans and at least one other language, mostly two. 

Today was amazing as we drove through the game park of Etosha Pan. Up early and on the road by 6.45, we wanted to see the animals before they headed for the shade and it was worth it. We saw a herd of elephants, many Zebras, blue wilderbeast, springbocks, two lionesses, birds of all types, giraffes, many ‘beasts’, kudu’s, a tiny little ground squirrel, antelopes and ostriches. 

A truely worthwhile experience and Tilly’s shock absorbers are still okay. I’m holding my breath! 

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