Who Needs Flamingoes Anyway

Day 5 Sossusvlei to Swakopmund: 410 

 Today we continued across the Namib-Naukluft National Park towards the coast. At the end of the day when the desert hit the sea, we had a choice of turning left to see the flamingoes or heading right to Swakopmund. We had to turn right and find our mates at a garage because we discovered why the car interior (and us) were covered in dust.  

About 50 kms after leaving Sossusvlei the shock absorber came through the turret again and was having a merry dance around the back of the car. The welding had f….k all and when we stopped at Solitaire which was like something out of a setting for a mad max movie, instead of buying ostrich egg necklaces or kudu leather shoes, we were chatting to the mechanic at the garage who wanted to weld yet another crap cover over our already very attractive turrets. Gunther decided to take to shocky out altogether and thank heavens for gorilla tape which did a superb job covering the gaping hole, a bit like a missing tooth! I’ve decided shockies are over rated and they should be banned from cars. We didn’t used to have them and they are truly a pain in the veritable. I thought Tilly drove well without it. A bit of bounce is fine. 

As I write this in the comfort of my room, a lovely man called David who drives a 1978 Triumph TR 250 is stuck in the middle of Etosha desert game park where one isn’t supposed to leave the car or even have the windows down ( impossible in 38 degree heat). The car apparently can’t be towed because if the damage and because it’s Sunday in Namibia, they can’t find a tow truck and want him to leave it there overnight to be trampled by elephants. 

Two days ago however, Davids Triumph had driven him early to Swakopmund and he had sourced a garage for Tilly. We are finding  that the people on the rally, possibly because some of them were in the Peking to Paris rally, are all very friendly and everyone does what they can to help other cars in the rally. This is really important when a lot of the cars are vintage, pre war one even built in 1927. 

​You know what I’m going to say. 

​​The next dream team. They did a very good job. With 4 boys working on the job, overtime on a Friday arfternoon.  I am finding the African people so very happy. There is always music and they laugh a lot. 
​And yes, the back of Tilly is beginning to look very very black. I think it’s because we are in Africa. She’s adapting!!

6 thoughts on “Who Needs Flamingoes Anyway

  1. OMG my life back here in Sydney seems very boring after reading what adventures you are going through. I just love ❤️ reading about your good and bad turns in the never failing ‘Tilly’. Love Maria😘🏎


  2. Poor Tilly , sounds like Fred Flinestone in his car!! What happened to David, did he and the car make it?
    The elephants look amazing!
    Love Di


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