We were told at the briefing in the Blue Mountains that weight was an issue (as if weight hasnt been my life long issue). We were advised to take one small bag each, about the size of my normal handbag. This meant two teeshirts, two pairs of pants, one pair of undies and a giant tube of washing detergent for the 36 long, dusty days.

There was much swearing, squashing and cheating as I attempted to follow the rules, with Gunthers rear axle, shock absorber, eagle eye watching every tiny item being smuggled in. Carrying 4 (very small bags, with the promise of throwing half the stuff out before the start of the rally), we finally flew out of Frankfurt with Lufthansa on the 3rd of June and landed in Beijing on a hot and steamy Saturday morning. The airport shuttle bus dropped us off on the side of a crowded six lane highway and we could see the Shangri-La rising out of the smog in the distance. As we walked across the overhead walkway and along the side of the next six lane highway towards the Hotel,  I was glad that I had hadnt packed that extra pair of shoes and the bigger tube of moisturiser, and that least we had the 2 litres of bake fluid,satellite phone, tracker, GPS, and 50 x 40 wooden plate for the jack!


12 thoughts on “ONE BAG POLICY

    1. Watching your adventures with great interest. Whatever you do keep your sense of humour. You’ll need it travelling in China travelling in China . And keep sending us regular updates so that we can watch progress. Much love grampa and Jilly.


  1. I love Leannes comment.
    This is what I would have done.
    But St. Lucia Rum instead. Is better for the wounds…


  2. Apart from being totally green with envy. I am delighted to be watching this journey.. Go the Tilly team. What a journey it will be. Lots of love Kaz (in Scotland) not to far from Germany will have to visit when you return.


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