We called the car Matilda for a few reasons. First of all because Gunther thought she was a lady. I felt it was far more a blokey car, not at all ladylike, but she IS light on the wheel and Barry the old owner, told us that we had to keep her dancing across the roads. So that solved the sex of the car. A bloke can be light on his feet, but Gunther has to lead the dance.

The next decision was the name. We needed something that described us and and the car. The song Waltzing Matilda has both Australian and German meanings in it. Not only is it a song written by Banjo Patterson, a well known Australian bush poet (and we will definately be off the beaten track), it also describes a ‘walz’ which is derived from the German ‘auf der Walz’ whereby in earlier days the German apprentice carpenters, roofers and builders would leave on a three year walk around the country finding work. We are also going on a journey. Hopefully it won’t take us three years and I really hope we won’t have to walk!!!

So we figured that Tilly was the perfect name to describe our new set of wheels.

The team has left Australia, the car on the open ocean on her way to China with all the other Australian cars, and Gunther and I in Germany doing the last minute preparations.

Bruce and Gunther have worked hard in the workshop in Ferntree Gully in Melbourne where the car was restored. It has taken two years to get to this point and Bruce has been a marvellous head mechanic, not only in bringing the car back to life but also in training Gunther along the way to the point where he now not only hands Bruce the spanner, but also knows how to change the accelorator pump nozzle on the carbie – (yes I know what a carbie is, but don’t ask me what  a pump nozzle thingo is).

15 thoughts on “Matilda

  1. As I said yesterday a great family blog to follow. What an amazing trip and shows great initiative on your part.Gramps


  2. What a great initiative on both your part. Will follow with great interest are you fascinating travel you are undertaking— come home safely and don’t get lost. Gramps


  3. Hallo ihr zwei Abenteurer,
    alles nur erdenklich Gute für euren Megatrip !!!
    Immer guten Öldruck wünschen die Ebelings aus Wiesbaden.

    Dirk, Angel, Angelina und Leon


      1. Loved reading your blog and posted it on Facebook, so crew and friends can follow you. Feel like I am there. I hope Gunther packed you a bottle of wine for the end of the day this time.
        Take care


  4. Winton is where Banjo Patterson first penned the national poem and song Waltzing Matilda.A dinosaur also foind in Winton is also called Matilda! Just a little trivia!


  5. Hi Gunther, Jillian and Bruce.

    Peter Wood speaking.

    Occassionally I visited Bruce at Ferntree Gully when the Mustang was being prepared. I met you, Gunther, on one occassion. I have not met Jillian and have been a petrol head and friend of Bruce’s for 40 plus years.

    I wish you all the best with ‘Tilly’. It is an amazing rally and I can only say that the car has been prepared by the right man in Bruce. He has guaranteed that it will not break but, cripes – it is a tough drive!

    I will be following with interest.

    Cheers to all.

    Peter Wood.


    1. Thanks for your good wishes. We will also be greatly interested in how it goes. Here’s fingers crossed. We agree that Bruce put a lot of effort into Tilly and she is as well prepared as she can be.


  6. Hi Gunther and Jill .
    Well as someone famous said tomorrow,” The flag drops and the Bull S—–t stops”!
    I wish you a once in a lifetime experience , you will have” issues” you will laugh and sometimes feel like a good old cry! If you dont have issues its been too easy, Remember you are having fun!
    I sincerely wish you the very best , you have a car that I am 100% sure of. You will be astounded at what it will stand up to. The nut holding the steering wheel is very critical, keep it tight.
    Give each other a big hug in Paris .
    Best wishes.
    Barrie E


    1. Thanks Barry. We will no doubt laugh and cry and we’ll keep not only an eye on the steering wheel nut but also the two nuts in the front seats.


  7. Good luck boys, love a good adventure, a mustang and an improbable and totally incredible life adventure. You guys rock in a week of craziness. Flying through Mongolia without a road sounds like fine relief when angry men take semi automatic weapons into dance parties in Orlando and beautiful young passionate politicians are gunned down in Yorkshire. Keep the nut on the steering wheel tight and the gps close. Best of luck Lindy Hardcastle from Sydney


  8. Hiya Jilly,
    Tell Gunther to keep the pedal to the metal and the thing to the floor!
    What a blast, have fun & stay safe
    Brian Black


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